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19 September 2018  

When you have booked your tide and pilots have allotted you a swim number.

Book your accommodation.

If coming from abroad, book flights.

When booking flights to UK, if from a different time zone, such as Australia or USA, make allowances for your body to get over jet lag.  General rule of thumb, allow a day per hour time difference, giving time to acclimatize to conditions.

When Booking return flights, take into account, a number 1 swim slot could be swimming on the last day of the tide, due to weather conditions. You do not want to be panicking, trying to re schedule return flights and extending accommodation .

Waiting for a swim can be a roller coaster, experiencing all sorts of emotions, as a swim will only take place providing the weather conditions permit; a swim could be cancelled at the last moment, due to conditions.

When bringing support crew, make sure they have good sea legs.  The Pilot Boat travels at swim speed, feeling every movement of the water and could be at sea between 10 to 20 hours.

Do not bring family, they will get bored while waiting for the swim, putting unnecessary stress on swimmer, who must remain focused and without distractions.