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19 September 2018  

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David & Evelyn,

A whole lot of years ago I left Varne Ridge - having failed to swim the channel.

There were two distinct memories of Varne Ridge:

1.  How incredibly nice you two were and how well you treated everyone

2.  How I desperately NEEDED to have my name on the wall.  It became part of every day, every workout and every dream

Well fast forward a while and your two are still brilliant and my name is on the wall at Varne Ridge.   I've had fun along the way and sent a fair number of swimmers your way to be spoiled. 

I was honoured recently:     Click to go to external web site

You were key individuals in getting me really going and some of the success of recent Ireland swimmers was in your hands!  Thank you for all your help and we'll see you in 21 days!


PS....if there is ever a category for Honoree will be joining me..  Now that's an idea...

October 2011


Good morning,

On behalf of me and my amazing crew, I would like to thank you both for the amazing hospitality shown during our stay at "The Ridge".

We had a great stay, and really appreciated your help when I returned from my swim. The warm shower, hot water bottles and warm cabins were exactly what we all needed after a long day at sea.

I would definitely recommend The Ridge to other budding Channel Swimmers, as you have developed a great atmosphere for swimmers around the world. A true institution!

Cheers,   Andrew.

September 2009

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