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19 September 2018  

Channel Swimming Association

Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation

  1. Preparation, preparation and preparation.
  2. Allow sufficient time to become acclimatised to local waters.  If coming from a different time zone, allow a day per hour time difference for the body to return to its normal rhythm. For Australia or USA allow at least 5 days.
  3. The swim is dictated by the weather and the Pilot.  All swim dates are approximate and dictated by weather conditions.
  4. Feeding: Only use that which suits your body.  Do not make any last minute changes before the swim.  Practice feeding techniques.  Get time down to 30 seconds or less (using a feed that you are not accustomed to can lead to disaster). The more time wasted feeding will affect the swim by missing the tide, adding unnecessary hours to the swim.
  5. When you arrive in Dover let your Pilot know straight away.
  6. When it’s your turn to swim, phone the Pilot each evening at 19:00 hrs to check if conditions are favourable.  Always use a mobile phone with a UK server otherwise the Pilots will not return calls to a foreign phone server.
  7. Advise the Pilot of your correct swim speed.  This will assist in plotting the correct course to the speed.
  8. Bring only those who are needed for the boat.  Make sure they do not suffer from sickness.  Unnecessary people will be a hindrance.
  9. As soon as you have booked a Pilot, book accommodation.  Book for the length of the tide - remember you could be swimming on the last day of the tide, you do not want to put any unnecessary stress on yourself trying to make last minute extensions and changing flights.
  10. Remember sacrifices made to get to this point in time - failure is not an option.



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