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19 September 2018  

Channel Swimmers' Self-Catering Accommodation as recommended by the

Channel Swimming Association and the

Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation

Attention all potential English Channel Swimmers.  Varne Ridge Channel Swim Park is rapidly becoming a base for swimmers from all over the world and provides unique subsidised self-catering accommodation and support for our swimmers.

It is our goal that Varne Ridge becomes a place of excellence where swimmers can stay, exchange ideas, learn from each other and, most of all, provide support for one another during the build-up to their challenge, sharing in the joys and comforting in sorrow.

We update all our past swimmers of all new swimmers and what has happened, at the end of each Channel season.

By helping swimmers it also helps us, so we always have your best interest in mind.  We can provide you with a contact name and telephone number of a a reliable taxi service, who will not overcharge.

We will show you where all the best shops are for provisions, so you can make the most of your money.  We know the sacrifices you have had to make to get here and we will be pleased to help.

Evelyn and David keep in close contact with both the Channel Swimming Association's Secretary, Julie Bradshaw MBE, and the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation's Secretary, Kevin Murphy, during your stay at Varne Ridge and liaise closely with your boat captains; passing messages so that lines of communication can remain open at all times; thus reducing waiting times and any undue stress during the lead-in period to your swim.

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